Hi! i made this for myself for my second playthrough, tho it'd be cool if other people could get use out of it as well. i have spent more time on it than my second playthrough tbh whoops.
Anyway! Things I plan on updating:

That '...?' is a toggle by the way so you can click it again to hide this :)


Mountian Stir Fry
Lethe Breakfast

Lethe Hamburger and Egg

BBQ Churrasco

Lantern Pumpkin Gratin
Vegetable Muffin
Chilled Corn Soup

King Cake

Lethe Special Dinner


Cheese & Tomato Caprese

Cherry Salmon Marinade

Tomato & Eggplant Cheese Bake

Eggs Benedict

Nemea Bolognese

Nemean Splended Spring

Nemea Meat Pizza

Peach Rose Mousse

Strawberry Shortcake


Fisherman's Sandwich

Seabream & Octopus Carpaccio

Tom Yum Soup

Great King Tuna Tartare

Shatollan Acqua Pazza

Vongole Bianco

The Seasons

Super Sweet Shatollan Smoothie

Bitter Cafe Mocha


Super Spicy Argene Hotpot

Summer & Winter Spicy Fish

Ice Cream

Mapo Tofu

Meat with Herbs & Spices

Jansson's Temptation

Herring in a Fur Coat

Argene Cabbage Stew

Pepper Cream Penne

Abandoned Eden

Venin Clam Miso Soup

Salmon Riceballs

Curry Rice

Premium Tuna Sushi


Pure Medicinal Porridge

Melting Chocolate Fondant

Forbidden Apple Pie

Bunny Buns